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Sunday, December 19, 2004



I was raised in the Red states of Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio, among the good people of the Christian Right. I lived in the Midwest for several decades and attended the same Churches. Then, I left for the far West Blue state of California

Pundits say Bush won the 2004 Presidential election by appealing to the "Values" of the Christian Right in the middle Red states.

This is a distorted use of the word "Values."

The Christian Right is more about "Rules" than "Values." For the Christian Right, these, specifically, are the "Rules" in the Bible's Ten Commandments.

People who need "Rules" sometimes lack an internal moral compass guided by inborn humane values and must cling to an "Outer Authority" to tell them what to do.

Bush and Karl Rove knowingly created a war where there was none without proof of need for war. They jumped on the idea of terror, and then pumped up fear in the groups of people lacking the internal moral compass. Bush spoke to them as a self-appointed Moral Authority saying, "Be afraid. Be very afraid. But, be less afraid if you follow the Rules in the Good Book. Then you, too, will be Good, and God (and I, George Bush) will protect you from all harm."

Then, after tempting them with promises of education and travel, George Bush sent all the sons and daughters of the Good People to die in the war he created.

The Good People will ultimately emerge from the cloud of denial and realize that their children were sent out ahead by the Great Authority Bush to die to protect them --- but also Himself ---from harm. Then perhaps, their great personal pain and loss will teach them that they must develop their own internal moral compass instead of following in blind faith The "Rules" of a Bible thumping leader as he guides them over the edge of the precipice and into the Valley of Death.

Carol Harvey in San Francisco