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Sunday, January 02, 2005


For San Francisco News, try the companion blog"Carol in San Francisco."

For "Justice News and Homeless Blues" in the Bay Area try "Street Spirit," a world class social justice newspaper newly on line. Terry Messman, Editor. A publication of the American Friends Service Committee.

San Francisco Call. For Betsey Culp's love affair with Everything San Francisco.

The SF BulldogSmart and Funny Political Satire from a very cool dude.

The Usual Suspects A Phenomenal Linkage Site to Most Bay Area News Media.

WindyCityLefty A Chicago Blogger with a wild and wonderful Progressive tongue in cheek.

For a rollicking good time, check out Windy's response to "You Gotta Have Heart" called "Heartless Bastards" (for link, see above, this Blog, comments). He includes what seems like every statement of Self-Compassionate Self-Congratulations trumpeted out by Bush, et al since the first election, plus a couple of (really bad) songs. Enjoy!

More to come.