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Sunday, January 23, 2005


She has been busy doing other stuff recently.

Also, she has been (undisguised editorial opinion) APPALLED at the $40 million spent on Bush's huge Inaugural Bash, 5 MILLION MORE than the $35m Tsunami aid --- APPALLED At how this exacerbates the already shaky profile of the U.S. Government around the world.

According to tourists I have interviewed in San Francisco,
Europeans, Asians, and Africans see the American people as a separate entity from the American Government. They like Americans. It is the Bush Administration they find suspect, not U.S. citizens.

These interviews will appear on this BLOG.

In his Inauguration speech, Bush tried to justify his predatory Empire Building in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and Korea by reframing it as a mandate to aggressively establish FREEDOM around the world. Oh, Balzac! Visions of the Brooklyn Bridge come to mind.

Then, there was Condoleezza Rice ordering Barbara Boxer not to impugn Rice's honesty and integrity. Look behind Condy, and you see George/Karl Rove turning the key in her back.

Then there is his ridiculous plan to line the pockets of his BASE (see Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911) by stealing social security benefits from elder Americans (now young Americans) and putting the proceeds into the stock market.

Consider this the Great Social Security Nondebate: My thought: "It's not broke, so don't fix it."

Ken Werner, Trinity Plaza Renters advocate and activist, sent a link to a wonderful article from The American Prospect, a national progressive weekly journal, explaining how the same old plan was tried in Britain by the Thatcher Government, and it has led to a crisis there. Now the Brits are eyeing our social security system as their ANSWER.

Ken also reminds us to call the Social Security Administration as circulated by

When I get THIS frustrated and annoyed --- I mean, that over-expensive Inauguration Party was George's INSANE "I-Told-You-So" --- I do a little disassociation to rest my mind.

Since this is the Year of Einstein, I decided to go out and ask folks in San Francisco if they know the definition of Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Einstein, it turns out, is greatly understood and hugely loved. I got some interesting answers to this question. They will be published on this BLOG.

In the middle of this frantic attempt by George to etch his name in history, watch for some hopefully diversionary fun stuff.

Carol Harvey in San Francisco