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Sunday, January 01, 2006



Happy New Year! It is 12:43 a.m on January 1, 2006. You are the first beautiful people with whom I am talking in this New Year. The music from a raucous party across the street in San Francisco's Pacific Heights energizes my thoughts.


What follows is a first draft of some philosophical- political thoughts for the future of humanity. Tonight, I tackle the big stuff.

The following treatise on these ideas will need more work. But I think I've got something here. Therefore, I will start this now and flesh it out as time goes on. And, I solicit your input.

We have run out of options. Let me explain.

For over four hundred years, since Rene Descartes acknowledged the presence of human consciousness, "I think; therefore I am," philosophers and political thinkers, from David Hume to Thomas Hobbs to John Locke to Karl Marx, have struggled to forge rational, balanced ideas that led to the creation of our American Brave New World.

Inspired by these wonderful visions brought to fruition in America, millions have flooded here from Europe and around the globe. Despite their occasional envy of what we have achieved, the world community depends on the United States to remain the symbol of Freedom's Dream. This Dream, therefore, will not be easy to kill.

However, in five years' time, the Spoilers found a Front Man in George Bush to dismantle for their own gain a great chunk of our Freedoms.

How completely we took it for granted! How fragile it really was!


Now it is time for us to create a whole new world. We will do this because we must. We will show the Cosmos once and for all whether the Human Life Wish is stronger than its wish for Death. For truly, What BushCo Hath Wrought is mass murder --- of Iraqis, young American solders, and U.S. poor with the theft of lifegiving social services to pay for War. Bush's refusal to recognize the threat of global warming could burn our planet into a dark, cold rock.

If the human races survive, the ideas developed here will come to pass. I know this because, taking the long view and recognizing our only viable options, I see the direction in which we are heading. I see what others are also considering and what some are actively doing.

To some, (Not to You, of course) the ideas may seem outlandish, strange, idealistic, impossible to achieve. That is the way all such ideas appear at first. As our Beloved Fourteenth Dalai Lama has sagaciously observed, "Non-violence takes a very long time." And so may the realization of these high principles.

Our New Philosophy is a combination of several concepts from various sources.

Our Brave New World holds four factors as having the highest Good:

1. Compassion expressed in our Social Contract to protect each
2. Truth
3. The inviolable worth and value of the Individual Self.
4. Rule of Law


Our Brave New World has as its highest ideal toward which we struggle and strive both individually and in groups, that the Human Rights and Civil Rights of said individuals and groups are sacred and inviolable. That is, it is a moral wrong to attack or deprive anyone of these rights, and our value system mandates that we uphold them rigorously.

As stated in the Preamble to Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

"recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world."


Our Brave New World will be based on the ideas in the following Declarations in which the values of Compassion, Truth, Human Rights, and Rule of Law are vested:

1. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

2. The United States Constitution.

3. The Bill of Rights.

4. The Ten Commandments of the Bible

(Basic tenets of Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism are to be selected from all other great religions which I believe simply attempt to say the same things. These values emerge from the ethics of all human cultures.)

Two examples:

One of the ten Christian commandments says: "Thou shalt not lie." In our Brave New World, our wisdom rests in the knowledge that the deliberate distortion of someone else's reality is a high moral crime.

Another commandment attributes to the Supreme Being the statement, "Thou shalt not have any God before me." All religions hold, somewhere in their holy codes, that the deification of anything less than Love and Truth (or God), is a moral wrong.

The Bush Crime Family, of course, has defiled this moral imperative, as most despots have done, by making Power and Money their Gods.


Two basic tenets:

"Nobody should have any more money, goods, or services than anybody else."

"It is a moral imperative of our Social Contract that we, as human beings, take care of each other, especially when fortune makes us vulnerable."


Another process most highly prized in the Brave New World is the Act of Sharing Power among the masses of people as against the greedy act of concentrating and holding Power/ Control in the grasp of one Person or one Group.

In this Brave New World, all institutions and organizations shall have a framework structured around Trickle-Up or Grass Roots Power.

"Top Down Power" shall be carefully restricted by, and subordinate to, the countervaling force of Power moving and flowing "Up" from a "Grass Roots" base.

Trickle-Up Grass Roots Democracy was nearly achieved during the Spanish Civil war against Franco's despotic regime which ended in 1939. Groups of Spanish unions formed and met together in Congresses in which grassroots ideas were developed into people's agendas. Ironically, what scuttled this burgeoning system was the Russian Communist Party which perpetrated a manipulative Power Grab.

I suggest that a similar Governmental Structure of the Brave New World would be an aggregate of Geographical or Special Interest Focus Groups that meet periodically in Congresses where grassroots ideas and concerns, emerging from these Focus Groups, are developed into People's Agendas and submitted to a Democratic Vote.

There shall be no representatives. This is to be a true Democracy and Not a Representative Republic which can easily devolve into special interest corruption.


A keystone of the Power-Down Structure is the Cabinet of Advisor-Facilitators.

The question is: How is a true Democracy structured to block concentrations of power in the hands of an individual or group like an Advisor-Facilitator Cabinet?

The answer: Keep Politicians out of politics. We must eliminate politicians entirely, completely, and once and for all. We must remove the career track which transforms lawyers into politicians who then become wealthy through abuse of power.

We accomplish this in two ways:

1. Tradition and a culture imbued and saturated with the expectation
that Advisor-Facilitators are chosen strictly for their integrity.

2. Training. The Advisor-Facilitators receive extensive training in
Human Rights Rule of Law

Globally, we have come to the end of the road with politicians. No one in any country around the world, from Bolivia to Iraq to Chechnya to Germany, trusts politicians any longer. Many Europeans despise politicians' power brokering and theft which have left their economies bankrupt. Most Europeans are poorer than any of us know. And, as in the U.S., their Rich are Richer.

The benefit of the Bushes' flagrant unrepentant corruption, raised to power by corrupt politicians, is that it is bringing frustrated Americans --- and now even Republican Congressmen and women --- to the end of their collective ropes.

The American two-party system has created politicians who pay obeisance to Corporations who fund them. Our Representative Democracy, therefore, has become a Corporatocracy in which anything and anyone can be bought and which Human Rights and Compassion are supplanted by Competition and Greed.

Corporations like Walmart undermine social trust by forcing the cost of employees' Medicare and welfare benefits upon their fellow taxpayers. Bechtel steals water rights from the Bolivian poor. Monsanto and Shell Oil lay waste to the earth.

Corporations have the legal rights of individuals. If these abstract entities were human, their behavior would be considered sociopathic. The Bottom Line has no morality.


I believe that, in place of politicians, we should install Facilitators, people trained at our finest institutions of higher learning in the work of Compassionate Governance. They would be paid a fair stipend for their vital work, similarly to the way the Dalai Lamas are trained and paid in Tibet.

Both the Dalai Lamas and the Tibetan people are immersed in, and conditioned to, a long tradition of compassion and non-violence. However, America is not a theocracy. Since it is imperative we retain our separation of church and state, Compassionate Governance training would have strictly secular limits.


Facilitators trained in Compassionate Governance would compete and run for election by the people.

They would run on no ideologial or political platform other than the country's guiding principles:

1. Compassion expressed in our Social Contract to protect each other
2. Truth
3. The inviolable worth and value of the Individual Self
4. Rule of Law

American political parties were not mandated by the framers of the Constitution. The competitive dynamic in American capitalism has expressed itself politically through the formation of two opposing parties, Democrats and Republicans. Both parties have become prey to Corporations who merely buy their favor and their votes, fomenting political corruption. Therefore, the Facilitators will not represent political parties. Parties will be abolished. Facilitators will run only against each other and their effectiveness in solving problems of the moment using Human Rights Rule of Law.

Facilitators trained in Compassionate Governance would have the charge of convening Congresses of Grass Roots Groups to develop agendas to carry out democratic concerns of the People. Facilitator-Advisors would share power among themselves, calling these Congresses and listening to their voices. A constant flow of communication between Grassroots Congresses and Facilitators would be maintained. The Facilitators could not function or make decisions without the people assertively speaking in their ears.


Two mechanisms would block over-ambitious Facilitator power grabs:

1. TRADITION: The strong cultural tradition and social expectation that the facilitators strictly uphold the principles of Compassion, Truth, Human Rights and Rule of Law.

2. TRAINING: The facilitators' training in Government structure and Rule of Law based on the principles of Compassion, Truth, Human Rights, and Rule of Law. Facilitators would be expected to run the government based on these principles.


1. How shall the world limit the reach of Corporations that know no national boundaries and respect no governments?

2. How do the demands of Capitalism for "more and better" fit into our Utopia?

3. By what path do we get from Here to There and realize our Brave New World?


In the 2004 election, a massive effort was launched to get out the youth vote. But it simply didn't happen. People over 30 seem not to have grasped that the under-30's did not decline to vote out of apathy. They knew the last two Bush elections were bought. Where was their incentive? They voted with their feet, walking away from the polls. They are accomplishing things in other ways.


Judging from many factors --- for one, the massive demonstrations all over the world that get little to no main stream press --- the values, principles and ethics put forth here are already growing strong in the hearts and minds of people in younger age groups. They learned it from their elders, and they are taking it seriously. They will make it happen.


A tradition of human rights ethics is just beginning to grow. I believe that, in time, it will become firmly fixed in the social bedrock of our Brave New World.


Let's talk about these ideas, which, to be sure, may be dry. Nevertheless, I think there is value in formalizing them in writing.

With a booming silent voice, the world cries out for compassion, truth, individual respect, and Rule of Law.

If someone puts a rational proposal into words, the process will move more rapidly than if left to happen by itself. One way or another, these things WILL truly happen.

Perhaps someone else can do it more eloquently. If so, I eagerly invite them to jump into the fray. We need a change, and we need it now. Let's work on it together.


Again, Happy New Year. It is 2:55, and the party continues louder. The music is wonderful and rhythmic. The hypnotic beats sound like Middle Eastern Rap.

Little do these partiers know that, on the other side of their street, a Brave New World is being designed to harmonize perfectly with their music.

Help me identify the strengths and weaknesses in this plan. Tell me what you think.

Love and Peace,

Carol in San Francisco